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Company: Season Archive: 2004

Opening Night Gala Invitation

Mandell Theater
June 17, 2004, 7:30
June 18-19, 2004, 8:00
June 19, 2004, 2:00

Patient Spider

Set to the adagio and fugue from Bach’s Sonata No. 3 for Unaccompanied Violin, the work refers to a poem by Walt Whitman, A Noiseless Patient Spider. Video images of dancers in Sparling’s Michigan-based studio, filmed by artist Terry Sarris, create a conversation between the two companies.

Choreography: Peter Sparling
Music: J. S. Bach: Sonata No. 3 in C Major for Unaccompanied Violin
Costume Design: Jeffrey Bauer
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowsk
Performed by: Elrey Belmonti, Sun-Mi Cho, Kimberly Branton Lantz, Janete Piller, Gabrielle revlock, Katharine Savage, Meredith Riley Stewart, Paul Struck, Christine Taylor

Falling In...

Falling in...consists of three female solos, each depicting a woman’s journey toward an essential truth. The first solo, set to traditional Portuguese Fado music, is sung by Amalia Rodrigues. Combining theater and dance, this solo depicts love and loss in women’s lives. In the second movement, the theme moves toward “falling into awareness”. Set to Nigel Kennedy’s Purple Haze, a reinterpretation of the late Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze, now with violin and orchestra. This solo shows the strong counterpoint between traditional women in love with the women of the 60’s and 70’s drug culture who searched for answers and awareness within the self. The work concludes with a lyrical movement based on the theme of “falling into acceptance” using Joni Mitchell’s re-recording of her classic, Both Sides Now, with a full orchestra. This movement tells the story of a woman’s journey from youthful certainly, to doubt and then final acceptance of life’s ambiguities.

Choreography: Jeanne Ruddy
Music: Portuguese Fado, Nigel Kennedy, and Joni Mitchell
Costume Design: Christina Gianninni, Jeanne Ruddy, Alison Roberts and Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Performed by: Jeanne Ruddy, Christine Taylor, (6.17-19 evening), Kimberly Branton Lantz (6.19 matinee)

Out of the Mist, Above the Real

Out of the Mist, Above the Real’s inspiration first came from the topography and spirit of Ireland. The musical composition is an Irish Cantata for Soprano, Uilleann Pipes, Children’s, Youth and Mixed Choruses. It is based on poems that express a search for ancient origins. The title is from the poem The Irish Cliffs of Moher by Wallace Stevens.

Choreography: Jeanne Ruddy
Music: Daniel Brewbaker
Costume Design: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Performed by: Jeanne Ruddy, Kimberly Branton Lantz, Janet Pilla, Gabrielle Revlock, Katharine Savage, Meredith Riley Stewart, Paul Struck, Christine Taylor, With guest artist Brigitta Heermann and Featuring Juliette Snyder, Noa Buzby

Songs Without Words

Songs Without Words is created especially for Jeanne Ruddy Dance, with music by Dudley Moore. A luscious new work with six women, and three men. Reinking has created a work that expresses the beauty and vulnerability of first love.

Choreography: Ann Reinking
Guest Artist: Zane Booker
Music: Dudley Moore
Costume Design: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Performed by: Sun-Mi Cho, Kip Martin, Renee Robinson-Buzby, Katharine Savage, Meredith Riley Stewart, Paul Struck, Christine Taylor, With guest artist, Zane Brooker

Win Lose or Dance: Season Benefit

2004 Board of Directors

Jeanne Ruddy, Artistic Director
Kathryn Keeler President
Victor F. Keen Esq, Vice President/Treasure
Amy Branch
Lou Coffey
Gregory G. Gosfield
La-Taya P. Hackney
Milli Lane-Berg
Magie McAboy
Verna Prenice
Dr. Robert J. Wallner

2004 Advisory Board

Steven Goff
Denise Jefferson
Stella Moore
Martha Myers
Igal Perry
Jill Porter
Susan Rock
Joseph Salkowitz, DMD
Pearl B. Schaeffer
Roslyne Paige Stern
Leslie Stiles
F Randolph Swartz
Janet Swartz

2004 Administration

Susan Fazio: Administrative Assistant
Ron Snitzer: Financial Manager

2004 Independent Consultants

Bruce Makous: Capital Compaign
Nina Zucker & Associates: Press Relations
Caren Goldstein, Concept Factory: Graphic Design
Beth Emmott: Web Design
Bob Emmott: Photographer
Carmella Vassor, Wild Child Productions: Videographer
Lynne Goldstein: Marketing
Karen Spiro, Becca Cohen EVENTures: Eveny Planners
Kim Wolford, Routolo, Spewok & Co: Accountants

2004 Funders

The William Penn Foundation
The Independence Foundation
The Samuel S. Fels Fund
The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
The Dolfinger McMahon Foundation
Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Partners in Art Program