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2009 Season Mailer


Two new world premiers: LARK, from Jeanne Ruddy and Sandman from Martha Clarke. Each starkly divergent. One light. Revealing the passion of the moment. One dark. Redefining the drama of physical theater.

The Performance Garage
April 15th, 2009, 7:30
April 15-19,23-25, 2009, 8:00
April 22 and 26, 2009, 2:00

LARK (2009)

World Premiere

exuberant . soaring
The negative and positive space between each of us. It's complicated, and powerful. It's what we can all relate to in our spiritual longing to connect, and what Jeanne Ruddy defined in her glorious contemporary world premiere, LARK. A vibrant work of lightness and elegance—one that eschews the narrative for the abstract—LARK is based on Ellen Fishman-Johnson’s re-imagined eloquent new score of Haydn’s 1790 masterwork String Quartet No. 5 in D Major.

Choreography: Jeanne Ruddy
Music: Ellen Fishman-Johnson
Costume Design: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Performed by: Rick Callender, Thayne Alexander Dibble, Ian Dodge, Janet Pilla, Christine Taylor


You don't expect it... and you definitely won't forget it. Is it theater? Is it dance? That's the work of guest choreographer Martha Clarke.

Mysterious and astonishing, Sandman was inspired by the photographs of Diane Arbus and Ralph Eugene Meatyard, and the music of John Lurie's Lounge Lizards.

Choreography: Martha Clarke
Music: Arthur Solari, with music by John Lurie
Costume Design: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Performed by: Rick Callender, Thayne Alexander Dibble, Ian Dodge, Janet Pilla, Meredith Riley Stewart, Christine Taylor

2009 Board of Directors

Jeanne Ruddy, Artistic and Executive Director
Gregory G. Gosfield, Esq, President
Victor F. Keen Esq, Vice President/Treasurer
Kathryn Keeler President Emeritus
Gordon Daniels
Milli Lane-Berg
Robert J. Wallner, MD

2009 Advisory Board

Mark Dendy
Denise Jefferson
Eugene Lowery
Martha Myers
Igal Perry
Susan Rock
Pearl B. Schaeffer
Roslyne Paige Stern
Leslie Stiles
F. Randal Swartz
Lois Welk

2009 Administration

Nicole Cavaliere, Managing Director
Ron Snitzer, Financial Manager
Rachel Iannotti, Management Associate
Judy L. Williams, Rental Coordinator
Ksenia Plekhanova, Bookkeeper
Lorraine Anderson, Wardrobe Mistress
Christine Taylor, Rehearsal Director
Meredith Riley Stewart, Touring Coordinator

2009 Individual Consultants

Nina Zucker & Associates: Press Relations
Caren Goldstein, Concept Factory: Graphic Design
Beth Emmott: Web Design
Bob Emmott: Photography
Carmella Vassor-Johnson, Wild Child Production: Video production
Lynne Goldstein: Copy Writing
Michelle Hitz: Grant Writer
Kim Wolfors, Ruotolo Spewak & Co: Accountants

2009 Funders

The William Penn Foundation
Independence Foundation
The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural Development Fund
Samuel and Rebecca Kardon Foundation
The Samuel S. Fels Fund
The Dolfinger McMahon Foundation
Lida Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Hassel Foundation

Special Program Sponsor:
Jeanne Ruddy Dance's Ninth Concert Season was made possible by a grant from the Pew Center for the Arts and heritage through Dance Advance.

Land Services, USA, Inc (Opening Night Sponsor)
Other Program Sponsors:
Klehr, Harrison, Harvey, Branzburg & Ellersv Dance Box Office
Floss Barber, Inc.
John & Kira's Chocolate
Mugshots Coffeehouse and Cafe
PECO Energy/An Exelon Company
Whole Foods Market