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2007 Season Mailer

The Performance Garage
April 12th, 2007, 7:30
April 13-14,19-21, 2007, 8:00
April 21, 2007, 2:00

Songs with out Words (2004)

In a work choreographed for Jeanne Ruddy Dance in 2004, Reinking romanticizes the seemingly infinite boundaries of first love: from its most vulnerable to its most tempestuous states. In this restaging of a repertory favorite, Reinking’s voice is resoundingly exuberant and optimistic.

Choreography: Ann Reinking
Music: Dudley Moore
Costume Design: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Performed by: Alexei Borovik, Rick Callender, Sun-Mi Cho, Thayne Alexandar Dibble, Ian Dodge, Janet Pilla, Katharine Savage, Meredith Rileyy-Stewart, Christine Taylor

Short Term Memory (2007)

World Premiere

Jane Comfort and JRD dancers
Olase Freeman, Sun-Mi Cho, Jane Comfort, Rick Callender,
Meredith Riley-Stewart, Ian Dodge, Gabriella Revlock

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A new work, by New York City writer/director/choreographer Jane Comfort, that examines the boundaries of space; physical, emotional and psychological.

Direction: Jane Comfort and Olase Freeman
Choreography: the dancers and Jane Comfort with Olase Fteeman
Assistant to the Directors: Christine Taylor
Costume Design: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Sound Score: Jane Comfort
Performed by: Rick Callender, Sun-Mi Cho, Ian Dodge, Janet Pilla, Gabrielle Revlock, Meredith Riley-Stewart, Christine Taylor (swing)

Ocean 1: Wetlands (2007)

World Premiere

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Inspired by the Southern New Jersey Wetlands, this new work uses modern movement, text, and images to explore environmental threats and their ongoing effects on Earth’s waterways, landscapes, and wildlife. Replete with references to shellfish, ospreys and even styrofoam, Ocean1: Wetlands is a compelling homage to everything alive and green and the importance of its preservation.

Choreography: Jeanne Ruddy
Music/Sound Design: Ellen Fishman-Johnson
Set Photography: Bob Emmott
Text: Jeanne Ruddy and Phil Broder
Costume Design: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Dramaturg: Kathryn C. Nocero
Hair Design: Ozzi Perez
Make-up: Dolly Hernandez
Performed by: Meredith Riley Stewart, Rick Callender, Thayne Alexandar Dibble, Ian Dodge, Gabrielle Revlock, Katherine Savage, Christine Taylor

2007 Board of Directors

Jeanne Ruddy, Artistic and Executive Director
Gregory G. Gosfield, Esq, President
Victor F. Keen Esq, Vice President/Treeasurers
Kathryn Keeler, President Emeritus
Amy Branch
Lou Coffey Esq.
La-Taya P. Hackney Esq.
Milli Lane-Berg
Verna Prenice Phd
Norma Romero-Mitchel
Robert J. Wallner, MD

2007 Advisory Board

Mark Dendy
Steven Goff
Denise Jefferson
Eugene Lowery
Martha Myers
Igal Perry
Jill Porter
Susan Rock
Joseph Salkowitz, DMD
Pearl B. Schaeffer
F. Randal Swartz
Janet Swartz

2007 Administration

Nan Gilbert, Managing Director
Ron Snitzer, Financial Manager
April Libman, Director of Development and Marketing
Brittany Hurley, Administrative Assistant
Buffy Miller, Administrative Assistant
Brea Heidelberg, Development and Marketing Assistant
Kate Jordan, Facility Assistant
Lorraine Anderson, Wardrobe Mistress
Christine Taylor, Rehearsal Director
Meredith Riley Stewart, Touring Coordinator
Janet Pilla, Director of Outreach Faculty
Kate Johnson, Outreach Facility

2007 Independent Consultants

Nina Zucker & Associates: Press Relations
Caren Goldstein: Graphic Design
Beth Emmott: Web Design
Bob Emmott: Photography
Edward Dormer: Video Production
Kim Wolford, Ruotolo Spewak & Co: Accountants

2007 Funders

This work was commissioned by Victor F. Keen with additional support from:
Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural Development Fund
The William Penn Foundation
The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
other season funders included:
Land Services USA Inc.
Philadelphia City Paper
PNC Bank
The Hassel Foundation
The Harkness Foundation for Dance
LaSalle Bank