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2006 Season Mailer

The Performance Garage
April 18th, 2006, 7:30
April 19-22,2006, 8:00
April 22, 2006, 2:00

No Fear of Flying - Second Leg (2001, 2006)

Originally premired on November 7, 2001 at the Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia PA.

No Fear of Flying incorporates a gestural vocabulary developed in collaboration with the dancers, along with the use of text, movement and dramatic characterization. The building of strong female characterizations and themes related to the diva are explored.

With this season’s restaging, Dendy takes the work to a new level of humor. Inspired by middle American housewives and the infamous hit show, Dendy has added a new piece to the original work that was choreographed in 2001, moving from diva to Really Desperate Housewives

Choreography: Mark Dendy
Text spoken by: Jeanne Ruddy
Text excerpts taken from Erica Jung's novel, Fear of Flying
Costumes: Charlotte Cloe Fox
Lighting Design: JPeter J. Jakubowski
Rehearsal Director: Christine Taylor
Music: Peggy Lee, Chopin, Doris Day, Nancy Sinatra, Loretta Lynn, and Australian Dijeridoo
Performed by: (April 18, 20, 22) Janet Pilla, Meredith Riley Stewart, Christine Taylor
(April 19, 21) Gabrielle Revlock, Renee Robinson-Busby, Meredith Riley Stewart

The System ((2002)

Philadelphia Premiere—2003 at the Wilma Theater

In this season’s restaging, Sparling focuses on bringing out the still moments and silences—what happens between the lines—to look closely at the subtle impulses that drive a couple towards and away from each other.

Choreography: Jeanne Ruddy and Peter Sparling
Original Score: Frank Pahl
Visual Artist: Terry Rosenberg
Spoken Text: Charles Baxter
Costume Design: Jeffery Wirsling
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Performed by: (April 18, 20, 22 (evening) Jeanne Ruddy, Rick Callender
(April 19, 21, 22 matinee) Janet Pilla, Ben Wegman

Still (2006)

World Premiere

“A stillness, a place in time, transformational moments intersecting, circling, reincarnated.”

This performance is set on two men and two women and explores the fragmented aspects of love through abstract gestures and the sometimes subtle, sometimes explosive interaction that expresses the complexities and elusive journey of the heart.

Choreography: Robert Battle
Music: Arvo Part; Lamentate (2003) for piano and orchestra. (Lamentate, commissioned by Tate and Egg Live, was premiered at Tate Modern, London on 7th and 8th February, 2003.)
Costumes: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Assistant to the Choreographer: Meredith Riley Stewart
Performed by: (April 18, 20, 22 evening) Rick Callender, Janet Pilla, Renee Robinson-Buzby, Ben Wegman
(April 19, 21, 22 matinee) Rick Callender, Gabrielle Revlock, Christine Taylor, Ben Wegman

Enfold (2001)

Priginally premired on Sept 7, 2001 at the Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA
Enfold illuminates the world of a couple entwined with a modern romantic duet featuring music of legendary 40’s German cabaret singer, Zarah Leander, that captures the symbolism of love and romance, and the pull and tug between a couple.

Choreography: Zvi Gotheiner
Music: Zarah Leander
Costume Design: Jeffory Wirsing
Lighting: Peter J. Jakubowski Performed by: (April 18, 20, 22) Sun-Mi Cho and Michael Miller
(April 19, 21) Jeanne Ruddy and Rick Callender

Woa Cholena (Native American for Great White Bird)

World Premiere

Set on three women and one man to Stravinsky’s Concertino this dance explores movement for movement’s sake.

Choreographer: Jeanne Ruddy
Music: Stravinsky's Concerto for 12 instruments (1920, arr. 1952)
Costume Design: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting Design: Peter J. Jakubowski
Performed by: (April 18, 20, 22) Rick Callender, Gabrielle Revlock, Renee Robinson-Busby, Meredith Riley Stewart (April 19, 21, 22) Rick Callender, Gabrielle Revlock, Renee Robinson-Busby, Christine Taylor

2006 Board of Directors

Jeanne Ruddy, Artistic and Executive Director
Gregory G. Gosfield, Esq, President
Victor F. Keen Esq, Vice President/Treasurer
Kathryn Keeler, President Emeritus
Amy Branch
Lou Coffey
La-Taya P. Hackney
Milli Lane-Berg
Magie McAboy
Verna Prenice
Dr. Robert J. Wallner

2006 Advisory Board

Steven Goff
Denise Jefferson
Martha Myers
Igal Perry
Jill Porter
Susan Rock
Dr. Joseph Salkowitz, DMD
Pearl B. Schaeffer
F. Randal Swartz
Janet Swartz

2006 Administration

Susan Fazio, Administrative and Educational Director
Ron Snitzer, Financial Manager
Sandra Bulk, Director of Development and Marketing
Jenna Simone, Administrative Assistant
Natalie Myers, Administrative Assistant
Kate Jordan, Work Study Intern

2006 Independent Consultants

Bruce Makous, Capital Campaign
Nina Zucker & Associates, Press Relations
Caren Goldstein, Concept Factory, Graphic Design
Beth Emmott, Web Design
Bob Emmott, Photographer
Lynne Goldstein, Marketing
Kim Wolford, Ruotolo Spewak & Co, Accounting

2006 Funding

Land Services USA Inc.
PNC Bank Foundation
The William Penn Foundation
Independence Foundation
The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural Development Fund