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2000 Season Program

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2000 Season Mailer

The Wilma Theater
June 21, 2000 - 7:30
June 22, 23, 24, 2000- 8:00
June 25, 2000- 3:00

From Pent-Up, Aching Rivers (1998)

This dance draws inspiration from the poem of the same titla by the American, Walt Whitman and the painting, Night, by Swiss artist, Ferdinand Holder

Choreography: Donlin Foreman
Narration: Claire Bloom
Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff (Cello Sonata in G minor, Op.4)
Costume: Willa Kim
Lighting: Jack Mehler
Performed by: Terese Capucilli, Donlin Foreman

Significant Soil (2000)

Choreography: Jeanne Ruddy
Music: Violin Concerto by Philip Glass © 1987, used by permission of Donvagen Music Publishers. Inc.
Costume: Jeffrey Wirsing
Set Design: John Stephen Hoey
Lighting: John Stephen Hoey
Dancer: Jeanne Ruddy

Voices and Echoes (1999)

Choreographer: Igal Perry
Original score:John Mackey
Costume: Jeffrey Wirsing
Lighting: Nanette Hudson Joyce
Dancers: Gwendolyn Bye, Karen Carson, Leslie Carothers, Christine Taylor

No Fear of Flying—First Leg (2000) a work in progress

Choreography: Mark Dendy
Music: Nancy Sinatra, (These Boots Are Made for Walking)
Peggy Lee, (Is That All There Is and Australian Didjeradoo
Costume: Charlotte Cloe Fox
Lighting: John Stephen Hoey
Dancers: Karen Carson, Jeanne Ruddy, Christine Taylor

2000 Board of Directors:

Jeanne Ruddy, Artistic Director
Kathryn Keeler, President
Victor F. Keen Esq, Vice President/Treasurer
Lisa Detwiler, Esq, Secretary
Amy Branch
Gregory G. Gosfield
Susan Rock, Esq
Joseph Salkowitz, DMD
Karin Taylor
Spencer M. Wertheimer, Esq

2000 Administration

Susan Fazio

2000 Independent Consultants

Nina Zucker: Marketing and Public Relations
Patricia K. Frahame: Accountant
Caren Goldstein: Graphic Design
Bob Emmott: Photography

Season Funders

The Pew Charitable Trust's Dance Advance program
The Independence Foundation
The Samuel S. Fels Fund
The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
The Dolfinger McMahon Foundation

Reviews 2000 Theater Season

Jeanne Ruddy’s premier solo framed brilliant and disturbing moments. Ruddy’s lacerating movements, expressing an inner struggle, recede into soft torso decresendos that brought to mind the fragility, grandeur and redemptive strength of the human body.
-Lewis Whittington, Dance Magazine

Ruddy is a breast cancer survivor and the piece is clearly her prayer of thankfulness and a message of triumph and hope for other women.”
-Marilyn Jackson, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Igal Perry's movement meditation of feminine power, Voices and Echoes, set to an original score by John Mackey, brought forth this company's emerging strengths... Gwendolyn Bye, Karen Carlson, Leslie Carothers (who just retired from the Pennsylvania Ballet, where she was principal dancer), and Christine Taylor seemed to flow out from the instruments of the stirring live accompaniment by a quartet from the Curtis Institute of Music. The dancers responding to the richness of the cello, almost like the notes were bowing their torsos.
-Lewis Whittington, Dance Magazine

The highlight of Mark Dendy’s comic soufflé No Fear of Flying, These Boots are Made for Walking and Peggy Lee's Is that All There Is? and Fever.
-Robert Ackerman, Philadelphia City Paper

As stewardesses, Carlson, Ruddy and Taylor boldly took the stage in Barbie-doll wigs capped by navy blue pillboxes and knee-high white vinyl boots. They gave semaphoric pre takeoff instructions with an honesty no real flight attendant would dare use.
-Merliyn Jackson, The Philadelphia Inquirer

JRD promises to be a fixture on the Philadelphia dance scene.
-Robert Ackerman, Philadelphia City Paper

2000 Opening Gala invitation

Fund Raising Benefit—Cocktail Party
March 5, 2000